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Can-Am X3 Communications Glove Compartment Mounting Plate

Can-Am X3 Communications Glove Compartment Mounting Plate


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This plate is for the QTY KT-780Plus or KT-980 model and the AR550 intercom. Both are sold by Samson Racing Products. Rugged and PCI both have smaller mobile radios that will fit. These are not in full production. They are custom to your radio and intercom combination and made to order. Lead time is roughly three weeks, dependent on material supply. Please specify in the notes what radio and intercom you are using. Some combinations don't fit in the glove box, so I'll issue a refund. Please email us if you are concerned that your combination might not fit. Modifications to the glovebox are that two holes will need to be drilled, a template will be provided, and removal of the plastic divider wall inside the glovebox will need to be done. I must warn you, wiring this up is not fun lol. The wiring must be short enough not to pile up under the radio but long enough to plug everything into the intercom before securing it to the glove box.

I pressure wash my machine, and the coms have never gotten wet. I am, however, careful not to focus the spray on the lid-dash joint.

Custom colors are subject to the powder coater's schedule and powder availability. Use the text field to enter Prismatic Powder's color number. Please call ahead of time for estimated lead times.

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