Switch Pros Can-Am X3 Start Button Replacement

Switch Pros Can-Am X3 Start Button Replacement

Replacing the start switch with the Switch-Pros is straightforward. With the OEM start button removed, you can use an electrical multimeter to test which plug terminal is always on. On the 2020 model, the Beige with White striped wire should always be hot with the same voltage as the battery. This wire belongs to fuse position 8 in the fuse panel behind the driver’s side seat on the rear firewall. It should be a 10-amp fuse. In the 2020 model, the other wire is Black with a Yellow stripe. Different model years may have different color wires. This is the wire we will want to connect to the Switch-Pros. In the Switch-Pros app, on your phone, it does not matter which button or circuit you use as long as you set it up as a momentary switch that has constant battery power, not ignition. If you use Bluetooth to remote start the car, you will need to have a tuner remove the brake function in the ECM at startup. Evolution Powersports offers this on all of their tunes, and I believe they call it race start. This will remove the need to have your foot on the brake to start the vehicle. But you must use caution as you can now start your car while its in gear.

Our Can Am X3 Switch Pros Mount.

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